Broadstone Fun Day

Sunday 2nd July, 149 (Poole) Squadron attended Broadstone fun day to try and recruit new cadets and staff, we were also raising money for the squadron. Later in the afternoon, a small group of cadets showed off their drill to the public. Today was a good day for the cadets and the staff as we managed to recruit 6 new potential cadets that will be joining us in September.

Armed Forces Weekend

Over the weekend Cadets and Staff of 2196 (Trowbridge) Squadron helped out at the Wiltshire Armed Forces weekend, which took part in Trowbridge park. With the help of the squadrons civilian committee they were there recruiting new cadets and raising money for Squadron funds. On the Sunday they were joined by cadets and staff from 1995 (Bradford Upon Avon) Squadron, 1304Df (Rudloe Manor) Squadron and are very own Wing Warrant Officer WO (ATC) Alan Smith to take part in the Armed Forces parade through the town with the other cadet organisations of Trowbridge. Every single Cadet did themselves proud and Flt Ben Evans OC of 2196 (Trowbridge) Squadron had this to say ” The cadets had a very busy weekend, but despite this they enjoyed every minute. From assisting with recruitment for Squadrons around the wing to helping the committee raise funds for the squadron, they worked through the weekend with smiles on their faces”.

” The parade today was extremely successful. With assistance from cadets and staff from 1995 (Bradford Upon Avon)Sqn and 1304DF (Rudloe Manor) Sqn, the cadets made themselves and all the staff proud. A massive well done to everyone. Another succesful Armed Forces Weekend”!

Blue Wings Course

On the 1st April 2017, myself, Corporal Rabone and Cadet Williams went to VGS Upavon to partake in a cadet Blue Wings Course. The day started with familiarisation briefings and we were then split into two groups. My group went into the Gliding Simulator first where we learnt the glider controls and dials and how to use them. Whilst we waited we watched Top Gun and socialised. Then the groups swapped after lunch, my group went to visit Lord Trenchard’s Office – where he sat 100 years ago that day and formed the RAF! We got a tour around his building and then returned to the VGS for team building and leadership exercises. After everyone finished, we were presented with our new badges!

The Simulator – Experiencing how to do the basics of gliding e.g. roll left/right; pitch up/down; bank left/right was the same concept as flying in the Grob Tutor so what I learnt was the different controls that the glider had and it was interesting how the glider works compared to the Grob Tutor. It was very different and it was very useful learning about it.

Leadership Exercises – Doing the leadership exercises was interesting. Working out a task with other people was challenging but it comes with a lot of fun and laughs as well. It makes you think to speak up and give ideas of how to possibly carry out the task in hand. On the way of doing the leadership exercises the staff add in rules to change how the team operate or how your allowed to carry out the task. It was fun and an active part of the day.

The Blue Wings course was a fabulous day in which we ventured into Lord Trenchard’s office. This office was in fact where he signed the papers to make the RAF. The day we went was 99 years since the RAF was formed. Inside his office, was his desk and some uniform he used to wear. Everything from pencils to curtains were still there looking as vintage as ever! There was also the very same typewriter that he used. This visit was very inspiring and I enjoyed every minute.

By Cadet Williams, Corporal Rabone and Sergeant Green

Swindon Cadet achieves academic success

Cadet Corporal Phoebe Parker of 1244 (Swindon & District) Squadron RAF Air Cadets has achieved academic success by being awarded a BTEC in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community.

Cdt Cpl Parker has worked on studying towards the BTEC by completing a syllabus of training which included learning about public service, careers and voluntary work as well as completing practical work on navigating using a map and compass and physical activity.

Cdt Cpl Parker is one of several cadets on the unit currently undertaking the award. The unit’s Commanding Officer Flight Lieutenant Ian Kent commented on the achievement by saying:

“Cdt Cpl Parker is a very dedicated and hardworking cadet and has put a lot of effort in to her BTEC studies as with all of her Cadet training. She has demonstrated determination and commitment over recent months to succeed and all at 1244 Sqn are extremely proud of her.”

The BTEC is one of several the Royal Air Force Air Cadets offer their members which include music and leadership and are available to the cadets as well as the adult volunteers.

A Wings First!

Cadet Jones with his new Civilian Gliding Wings

During August 2016 Cdt Jones went on a week-long course to achieve his Civilian Gliding Wings at Aston Down Gliding Club. Cdt Jones said “I am pleased to be the first to get these Wings but it didn’t come without it hard work”.

The weeklong course for Cdt Jones consisted of flying every day, consolidating his previous knowledge, which aided him in his course, and the expanding it on how to deal with launch failures and spins. During his course he had the opportunity to fly with an ex-vampire pilot, which he said was a great experience. But his overall high point of the course was being able to fly solo for the first time.

Completing the course Cdt Jones feels that would he has grown in confidence and has also helped him deal with stressful situation better and with exams coming up this would become useful. Also this has got him one step closer to his dream of becoming a VGS Staff Cadet.

Cdt Jones would like to thank The Caroline Trust for the generous grant of £250 towards his course.