7OS at the Battle of Flowers

On the 12th of August, band members from the 7 Overseas (Jersey) Sqn Air Training Corps were introduced to the visiting unit 948 Haverfordwest and City of St David’s Squadron. They were privileged enough to be able to train with their Band, where they were taught several of the Band’s drum solos, stick techniques, songs and eventually how to march and play with the entire Band. After several days of training, the Band from the Air Training Corps was invited to join Haverfordwest in performing in the Battle of Flowers Moonlight Parade.

Cadets outside 7OS HQ

For many 7 Overseas Band members this was the first time they had performed with a band in public, at the end of the experience several band members wanted to share their opinions of the experience. Cadet Chalmers-Hunt, 7 Overseas Band member said ‘For me in particular it was my first time performing in public, let alone with a Band the size of Haverfordwest. On the night of the performance the sound created was incredible and atmosphere was ecstatic, I had a lot of fun and hope the Haverfordwest Squadron come back next year!’.

Corporal Van Neste, said ‘It was nice to meet all the cadets from Wales and to be given an opportunity to play at the Battle of flowers – something we had never done before’. As a result of taking part in this major parade, two members of the band received their Drummers badge. Cadet Ribeiro, one of the members who received their badge, said ‘Each cadet was extremely welcoming and patient when teaching us their routine, which was long and complex. I am very grateful that we had this opportunity, as without this amazing experience I would not have been able to receive my Drummers badge’.