Inter Wing Cross Country

On Sunday the 8th of February 2015 our cadets made their way to Tidworth Oval, to compete in the Inter Wing Cross Country against the rest of the Wings in the Region. It was a rather cold start to the races, but we set off with massive smiles and laughter.  We ended up with some great results, with Cpl Burn and Sgt Worsley coming in first in their groups and Cdt Wykman-Martin coming in fourth. All three cadets were selected for the South West Region Cross Country team and will make their way to RAF Cranwell later on in the year.
Inter Wing Cross Country
We are happy to announce that our under 17 males and junior women, came in second overall in the completion, which means they will be presented with a medal and a Wing blues for their sports kit.
Congratulations to the 2014/2015 Dorset & Wilts Cross Country team.
FS (ATC) Lucas  (Wing Sports Officer)

ATC Sunday 2015

Important News Flash

Message from Wg Cdr V Toth OC Dorset & Wiltshire Wing

As a result of several unexpected circumstances and in line with the ACO policy of Total Safety, the decision has been taken to cancel the parade and church service scheduled to commemorate ATC Sunday.

633 (West Swindon) Squadrons Helping Hand

Every year the cadets of 633 Squadron elect to support a small number of charities by arranging various fund raising activities. During 2014 they have been raising funds in support of two worthwhile charity organisations, one local and the other, a national charity.

Zoe Steer of Parkinson’s UK and Bo of SCWAD each received a well-deserved cheque for £1,000
Zoe Steer of Parkinson’s UK and Bo of SCWAD each received a well-deserved cheque for £1,000

Swindon Children Without a Diagnosis, SCWAD, is a small and relatively new charity started by just a few parents who’s children are severely handicapped yet have not been diagnosed and where there was little or no support locally for the children or families.

The other charity is Parkinson’s UK, who undertakes vast research programmes in the battle to find ways of detecting, reducing the effects and ultimately finding the illusive cure for Parkinson, which affects 1 in every 100 people in the UK.

The cadets have taken part in many fund raising activities from bag packs at local supermarkets, supporting local companies on corporate activities, marshalling at Council run events to an expedition in the Pyrenees.

On Friday 31st January the cadets gave a short presentation on the trek to the Pyrenees which saw ten cadets raise sponsorship to support the trip and the charities. The cadets endured long days walking and climbing some 11,000ft to the snow-capped summit of Mount Perdido.

Zoe Steer of Parkinson’s UK and Bo of SCWAD each received a well-deserved cheque for £1,000. Both Zoe and Bo said what a pleasure it was to meet the cadets and understand a little more about the community activities and events they are involved in to help support their chosen charities.

The Squadron plans to raise more funds for charity again this year and will be supporting Macmillan Cancer Support.