Sqn Ldr Richard Courtney – Awarded Chief of the Air Staff Commendation

Sqn Ldr Courtney was commissioned into the RAF VR(T) on 29 March 1983 as a Pilot Officer. At Officers’ Initial Training he achieved outstandingly high marks in all aspects including 100% in the general service knowledge test, resulting in an A1 grade for his professional abilities. He served first at 1244 (Swindon) Squadron and its associated Detached Flights where he stayed for 10 years. In March 1991 he transferred to 878 (Highworth) Sqn in the rank of Flt Lt and took over command of the unit.

In July 1996, Flt Lt Courtney was appointed to the role of Wing Shooting Officer. He was promoted to the rank of Sqn Ldr in February 2003 and took up the post of Wing Adult Training & Development Officer. Sqn Ldr Courtney was appointed as Deputy OC Wg in April 2004.

He was awarded the 3rd clasp to the Cadet Forces Medal in 2013 and is the 6th longest serving officer on Dorset/Wilts Wing

Over the years Sqn Ldr Courtney has taken part in a wide range of cadet activities. He can regularly be seen on Squadron and Wing and Corps shoots and also tramping the roads of Wiltshire on Nijmegen training walks. Sqn Ldr Courtney is also a regular staff member on the AT camp in Jersey and has been Camp Commandant on numerous UK cadet camps.

CAS Commendation is the highest RAF commendation available. Competition for all honours and awards is intense and the qualities required in nominees are extremely high. Sqn Ldr Courtney has been recognised for many years of outstanding service to the ATC.