Female Cadets Win Royal British Legion Award

Two female cadets from 2189 (Calne) Squadron have just received an award for their outstanding professionalism from the Royal British Legion.

Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy and Cadet Corporal Lauren Kayll were presented the Youth County Standard Bearers trophy was awarded to the cadets by members of the Women’s Section of the Royal British Legion.

They received the award after competing in the Wiltshire County Standard Bearers competition which was held in Salisbury in September last year.

The competition involved an inspection where they were judged on then standard of their uniform, bearing and care of the standard. This was followed by a sequence of drill movements where they were judged on their individual drill.

Cadet Sergeant Cuggy Said “It was my first time taking part in the competition, I was very nervous beforehand and whilst I was competing but overall, I really enjoyed it”.

Not ones to rest on their success they are now continuing with their training sessions for standard bearing in Corsham and hope to attend the next competition in September this year.

Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy, Cadet Corporal Lauren Kayll
Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy, Cadet Corporal Lauren Kayll

Calne Air Cadet’s Drive and Determination Rewarded

Cadet Lauren Kayll, a pupil at John Bentley School in Calne is in cloud nine having just gained promotion to Cadet Corporal at 2189 (Calne) Squadron, Royal Air Force Air Cadets, following the successful completion of the Cadet Development Course.

However, promotion is not just down to attending the course, to be considered for promotion, a cadet needs to show drive and determination and a willingness to challenge themselves.

Cdt Kayall has demonstrated this by attending Air Experience Flying, completing Youth First Aid training, attending field craft sessions and taking part in sporting activities, representing the Squadron at Wing level.

In addition she has taken on Banner training with the Womens Section of the Royal British Legion and taken part in several fund raising activities for organisations such as the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) and the Royal British Legion (RBL).

As a stalwart member of the squadron’s Cadet Non Commissioned Officer Team (NCO) she plays a key role in being a role model for the junior cadets.

Commanding Officer Squadron Leader Mike Webster said “On behalf of the staff and cadets of 2189 Calne Sqn, I would like to congratulate Cadet Lauren Kayll on her promotion to the rank of cadet Corporal”. He went onto say, “She can be depended upon to support all the activities undertaken by the cadets”.
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