2IC 2189 (Calne) squadron


Cadet Sergeant Liam Stiles and Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy, both students at John Bentley School, have just been awarded their BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Aviation Studies, after reaching the cadet training classification of Master Cadet.

Over the past three years both cadets have studied various training units from Principles of Airmanship, to Jet Engines in the air cadet training syllabus and taken exams to achieve the last classification of Master Cadet, which qualifies them for the BTEC award.

Cadet Sergeant Cuggy said, “I was really pleased to be awarded a BTEC because its something that you work towards as you take exams for the classifications and you feel like you have really achieved something at the end”.

Cadet Sergeant Stiles added, “I am happy to have gained this award in time to put it on my CV before I hopefully join the Royal Air Force as an aircraft mechanic”.

Cadet Sergeant Liam Stiles hopes to join the RAF later this year after completing his GCSE’s.

PN 07-16 Photo 1 (DW)
Cadet Sergeant Liam Stiles, Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy