Inter-Wing Swimming

On Sunday 10th September cadets from Dorset and Wilts Wing took part in the Inter-Wing Swimming Gala.

Congratulations to all that attended and well done on the massive support for all those swimming regardless of their ability.

The trophies this year went to:

2491 Lyneham for Junior boy and girls

2182 Dorchester for Senior girls

1304 Chippenham for Senior boys and Overall winners of the Gala.

Cadet Attains Gold Cyber

A little over a week ago, a Cadet from Dorset and Wiltshire Wing attended the Gold Cyber Course at No. 1 Radio School, RAF Cosford. Cdt Dymond of 1304 (Chippenham) Sqn went on the second of the two courses this summer, from 12th–19th August.

After arriving on Saturday 12th, we settled into our accommodation and socialised for the rest of the day. During Sunday morning, we learnt about some basic networking. This included having to wire up two computers so that they could talk to each other. During the afternoon, we all visited the RAF Museum nearby. Monday and Tuesday followed with a lot of theory, including the laws relating to hacking and the dangers of social media. Wednesday and Thursday were more practical. It was during both these days that we actually did some hacking. On Friday, we finished off the teaching and took the final exam, with all of the 10 cadets passing. Later, we also were taught the Bronze Cyber syllabus so that we could all be qualified to teach it. We were presented with our badges and certificates by the Regional Commandant of Wales and West Region.

The Gold Cyber Course is the most relaxed course I’ve ever been on. It’s not only eye-opening and informative but also very interesting and fun. There was a good mixture of talks, group research, and practical exercises. I would definitely recommend this course to other cadets interested in cyber security.

Blue Wings Course

On the 1st April 2017, myself, Corporal Rabone and Cadet Williams went to VGS Upavon to partake in a cadet Blue Wings Course. The day started with familiarisation briefings and we were then split into two groups. My group went into the Gliding Simulator first where we learnt the glider controls and dials and how to use them. Whilst we waited we watched Top Gun and socialised. Then the groups swapped after lunch, my group went to visit Lord Trenchard’s Office – where he sat 100 years ago that day and formed the RAF! We got a tour around his building and then returned to the VGS for team building and leadership exercises. After everyone finished, we were presented with our new badges!

The Simulator – Experiencing how to do the basics of gliding e.g. roll left/right; pitch up/down; bank left/right was the same concept as flying in the Grob Tutor so what I learnt was the different controls that the glider had and it was interesting how the glider works compared to the Grob Tutor. It was very different and it was very useful learning about it.

Leadership Exercises – Doing the leadership exercises was interesting. Working out a task with other people was challenging but it comes with a lot of fun and laughs as well. It makes you think to speak up and give ideas of how to possibly carry out the task in hand. On the way of doing the leadership exercises the staff add in rules to change how the team operate or how your allowed to carry out the task. It was fun and an active part of the day.

The Blue Wings course was a fabulous day in which we ventured into Lord Trenchard’s office. This office was in fact where he signed the papers to make the RAF. The day we went was 99 years since the RAF was formed. Inside his office, was his desk and some uniform he used to wear. Everything from pencils to curtains were still there looking as vintage as ever! There was also the very same typewriter that he used. This visit was very inspiring and I enjoyed every minute.

By Cadet Williams, Corporal Rabone and Sergeant Green

Swindon Cadet achieves academic success

Cadet Corporal Phoebe Parker of 1244 (Swindon & District) Squadron RAF Air Cadets has achieved academic success by being awarded a BTEC in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community.

Cdt Cpl Parker has worked on studying towards the BTEC by completing a syllabus of training which included learning about public service, careers and voluntary work as well as completing practical work on navigating using a map and compass and physical activity.

Cdt Cpl Parker is one of several cadets on the unit currently undertaking the award. The unit’s Commanding Officer Flight Lieutenant Ian Kent commented on the achievement by saying:

“Cdt Cpl Parker is a very dedicated and hardworking cadet and has put a lot of effort in to her BTEC studies as with all of her Cadet training. She has demonstrated determination and commitment over recent months to succeed and all at 1244 Sqn are extremely proud of her.”

The BTEC is one of several the Royal Air Force Air Cadets offer their members which include music and leadership and are available to the cadets as well as the adult volunteers.

The Wiltshire Lord-Lieutenant’s Awards 2016

On 1st November 2016, FS Jack McClelland of 992 (Malmesbury) Squadron and FS Lauren Cuggy of 2189 (Calne) Sqn attended aninvestiture ceremony to become Wiltshire Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets for 2016-2017.
161101wx-pr-img_2872 161101wx-pr-img_2875
Accompanied by proud parents, Jack and Lauren were presented with official certificates and badges in front of honourable audience of significant military personnel and cadet force volunteers. Detailed citations outlining all of Jack and Lauren’s successes to date both inside and outside their cadet careers confirmed the reasons why they have been selected for this special role.
After the ceremony, FS McClelland said, ‘once I’d calmed my nerves, it was a really enjoyable evening! I’m so proud to be given this opportunity to represent the Air Training Corps, and I cannot wait to wear my no1 uniform to assist the Lord Lieutenant with her duties, and promote the Armed Forces and the ATC.’

Dream Takes Flight With Excellence Award

Seventeen-year-old air cadet Lauren Simms was overwhelmed this week after receiving the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Flying Excellence Award.
The award, which represents one of the highest individual honours that can be won by an air cadet, was presented at a ceremony in London by award1Andrew Linstead, Head of Corporate Business Development (Air) at Lockheed Martin UK.
Air cadets compete nationally for the trophy, which this year was accompanied by a substantial flying bursary generously donated by Lockheed Martin. This bursary will contribute to developing Lauren’s piloting skills as she continues her journey towards achieving a private pilot’s licence.
Cadet Sergeant Lauren Simms, from 992 (Malmesbury) Sqn, said: “The award came as a complete surprise. I attended the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme at Tayside Aviation earlier this year, but unfortunately didn’t quite make solo standard, so I thought I wouldn’t be offered any further funding through my cadet career.
“I was delighted when I heard I’d been nominated and then went on to win the award. I am so grateful as this money should ensure that I can reach solo standard and beyond when I return to Tayside Aviation next year.”
Lauren, who is studying at Hardenhuish School in Chippenham, where she is head girl, plans to join her local university air squadron (UAS) as she continues her studies and pursues a career in aviation.
She continued: “I’ve attended 992 (Malmesbury) Squadron ATC since October 2012, and for the past year I’ve been the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for Wiltshire. I’ve recently taken more of a mentoring role on the squadron, helping to teach younger cadets the BTEC in Aviation Studies, enabling me to pass on my knowledge and experience of aviation related subjects.”
Staff at Tayside Aviation, which delivers cadet flying training, praised Lauren for her great flying ability and approach to flying training, which has set the benchmark for other cadets to follow, as well as her personal and leadership qualities. She was described as an “outstanding cadet with infectious enthusiasm that stood out head and shoulders above others . . . epitomising the very best of the Air Training Corps.”
RAFCT director Amanda Butcher added: “Lauren’s contribution to the air cadets is exceptional and she truly is a deserving winner of this award. Providing young people with opportunities and invaluable experience within aviation-related fields is a huge part of what we do at the Trust and we hope this award will be a significant boost towards paving the way for Lauren’s future in flying.”

2IC 2189 (Calne) squadron


Cadet Sergeant Liam Stiles and Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy, both students at John Bentley School, have just been awarded their BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Aviation Studies, after reaching the cadet training classification of Master Cadet.

Over the past three years both cadets have studied various training units from Principles of Airmanship, to Jet Engines in the air cadet training syllabus and taken exams to achieve the last classification of Master Cadet, which qualifies them for the BTEC award.

Cadet Sergeant Cuggy said, “I was really pleased to be awarded a BTEC because its something that you work towards as you take exams for the classifications and you feel like you have really achieved something at the end”.

Cadet Sergeant Stiles added, “I am happy to have gained this award in time to put it on my CV before I hopefully join the Royal Air Force as an aircraft mechanic”.

Cadet Sergeant Liam Stiles hopes to join the RAF later this year after completing his GCSE’s.

PN 07-16 Photo 1 (DW)
Cadet Sergeant Liam Stiles, Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy

Female Cadets Win Royal British Legion Award

Two female cadets from 2189 (Calne) Squadron have just received an award for their outstanding professionalism from the Royal British Legion.

Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy and Cadet Corporal Lauren Kayll were presented the Youth County Standard Bearers trophy was awarded to the cadets by members of the Women’s Section of the Royal British Legion.

They received the award after competing in the Wiltshire County Standard Bearers competition which was held in Salisbury in September last year.

The competition involved an inspection where they were judged on then standard of their uniform, bearing and care of the standard. This was followed by a sequence of drill movements where they were judged on their individual drill.

Cadet Sergeant Cuggy Said “It was my first time taking part in the competition, I was very nervous beforehand and whilst I was competing but overall, I really enjoyed it”.

Not ones to rest on their success they are now continuing with their training sessions for standard bearing in Corsham and hope to attend the next competition in September this year.

Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy, Cadet Corporal Lauren Kayll
Cadet Sergeant Lauren Cuggy, Cadet Corporal Lauren Kayll

Calne Air Cadet’s Drive and Determination Rewarded

Cadet Lauren Kayll, a pupil at John Bentley School in Calne is in cloud nine having just gained promotion to Cadet Corporal at 2189 (Calne) Squadron, Royal Air Force Air Cadets, following the successful completion of the Cadet Development Course.

However, promotion is not just down to attending the course, to be considered for promotion, a cadet needs to show drive and determination and a willingness to challenge themselves.

Cdt Kayall has demonstrated this by attending Air Experience Flying, completing Youth First Aid training, attending field craft sessions and taking part in sporting activities, representing the Squadron at Wing level.

In addition she has taken on Banner training with the Womens Section of the Royal British Legion and taken part in several fund raising activities for organisations such as the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) and the Royal British Legion (RBL).

As a stalwart member of the squadron’s Cadet Non Commissioned Officer Team (NCO) she plays a key role in being a role model for the junior cadets.

Commanding Officer Squadron Leader Mike Webster said “On behalf of the staff and cadets of 2189 Calne Sqn, I would like to congratulate Cadet Lauren Kayll on her promotion to the rank of cadet Corporal”. He went onto say, “She can be depended upon to support all the activities undertaken by the cadets”.
PN 05-16 Photo 1 (DW)