171 (Christchurch) Squadron – Battle of Britain Parade

On Sunday 21st September 2014, 171 (Christchurch) Squadron proudly took place in the 74th RAFA Battle of Britain Parade.

The parade to the Priory Church was led by the Boscombe Band of the Salvation Army, followed smartly by members of RAFA, RNA, Wrens, The Not Forgotten Association, Veterans, Christchurch and Highcliffe Royal British Legion plus, of course, 171 (Christchurch) Sqn.171 (Christchurch) Sqn Outside the Priory Church, Christchurch

The Reverend Canon Raymond Hubble, conducting the service, said: “We are gathered here today to remember in the presence of God the victory given to us in the Battle of Britain and to pray that we may have such devotion to duty that neither the loving kindness of God, nor the heroism of those who fought, may have been in vain.”

A RAFA dedication was read by Cpl. Bramall, 171 (Christchurch) Sqn. saying “In frienStandard Bearers, with Parade Marshal, inside the Priory Church, Christchurchdship and in service one to another, we are pledged to keep alive the memory of those of all nations who died in the Royal Air Force and in the air forces of the Commonwealth. In their name we give ourselves to this noble cause. Proudly and thankfully, we will remember them.”

IMG_7849Hundreds of Allied and German airmen were killed as the Battle of Britain raged in the skies over England during the summer and autumn of 1940. RAF Fighter Command successfully repelled Germany’s attempts to gain air superiority of the UK.

After the service the parade made its way back to the Mayor’s Parlour, where Christchurch Mayor Cllr. Denise Jones took the salute, along with MP Christopher Chope.